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Laser Titanium One Handpiece 2021

Titanium Laser Device One Handpiece 2021 Titanium Laser Device 2021 is the flagship of the highest quality among other laser hair removal devices produced by TaherTajMadar Company. The 2021 titanium device has a separate handpiece that uses strong wavelengths to attack the hair follicles and cause permanent hair loss. Each of these handpieces is used for different parts of the body to be applied uniformly in different hair thicknesses. Applies to the track. One of the important features of this device is the removal of excess hair in the fastest possible time and the number of sessions less than other devices.



Platinum laser machine 2021


  • Powerful cooling system
  • High power for greater penetration depth
  • Decreased risk of burns on the skin
  • High penetration depth and increase the speed of collagen production
  • Special divergent optical system
  • Skin freshness and hair removal
  • Treatment of lesions and pigments
  • Treatment of vascular lesions
  • 20-inch touch screen