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Laser Platinum 2021

Platinum laser 2021 is the newest and most effective method in the field of laser hair removal for all types of hair and skin with different colors, which has been marketed by Taher Taj Madar Company. This device is equipped with a very strong cooling system to contact the skin surface. It can apply high laser waves on the skin surface without pain and burns. This device is used in the treatment of all skin types by covering three wavelengths of 808 nm diode laser, 755 nm Alex laser and 1064 nm Nd: YAG laser.



Platinum laser machine 2021


  • Powerful cooling system
  • High power for greater penetration depth
  • Decreased risk of burns on the skin
  • High penetration depth and increase the speed of collagen production
  • Special divergent optical system
  • Skin freshness and hair removal
  • Treatment of lesions and pigments
  • Treatment of vascular lesions
  • 20-inch touch screen

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