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Laser Alex Diode 2021

Alex Diode 2021 Diode – Alex laser device with a wavelength of 577 to 828 nm is one of the new and effective methods in permanently removing excess body hair for any skin and hair type. The Alex Diode 2021 laser device is equipped with a very powerful chiller cooling system. The chiller is actually a very powerful type of track cooling system that allows the laser to exert no pain or burn by applying too much power. This wavelength of high penetration depth and energy for each single pulse and higher absorption penetrates the malin chloroform into the epidermal layer and dominates the melanin contained in the hair follicles.



Advantages of Laser Alex Diode 2021 Machine

  • High permeability and absorption power in hair melanin
  • Reduce the risk of burns on the skin
  • Keep the skin cool for longer
  • High penetration depth in the track and increase the speed of collagen production
  • Ability to absorb properly by pigments
  • Unique laser beam divergent optical system
  • Skin rejuvenation and hair removal
  • Effective treatment of pigment-related lesions
  • Effective treatment of vascular lesions

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