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Taher Taj Madar International Company, the largest manufacturer of laser hair removal devices in Iran, Taher Taj Madar International Company, as the most reputable company for the production of cosmetic medical equipment in the country, is proud to provide the most up-to-date experienced staff in the field of beauty equipment. Produce world-class laser devices. We have made every effort to provide the highest possible quality in after-sales service so that you can provide the best services to your customers in beauty centers and clinics with peace of mind.

How to contact us:

Tahir Taj Madar Building,No. 23,Fifth Street,Gandhi St,Tehran, Iran

Head Office: 00982188200440

Ms. Abedini: 00989123438253

Mr. Saileh: 00989127716257

Mr. Dosti: 00989127241871

Ms. Ansari: 00989127783073

Ms. Samsami: 00989127731058

Mr. Karimi: 00989127785367

Mr. Azari: 00989127736546

info [at] TaherTajMadar.com

Everyday 9:00-17:00