Our Mission

This company has the ability to transfer the latest technology to the country and upgrade the quality and update products manufactured according to the latest technology in the world and comply with the latest international standards to create appropriate purchasing conditions for the target community and provide the best warranty and warranty services for all products offered. In all parts of the country as well as neighboring countries in the shortest possible time. Achieving a top quality rank as a top manufacturer in the field of health equipment and achieving a statue to protect the country’s consumer rights are other goals of the company and finally the export of the company’s products first in the region, Asia and then in the EU with Obtaining all international licenses and approvals.

Our Stories

Taher Taj Madar International Company, the largest manufacturer of laser hair removal devices in Iran, Taher Taj Madar International Company, as the most reputable company for the production of cosmetic medical equipment in the country, is proud to provide the most up-to-date experienced staff in the field of beauty equipment. Produce world-class laser devices. We have made every effort to provide the highest possible quality in after-sales service so that you can provide the best services to your customers in beauty centers and clinics with peace of mind.

Taher Taj Madar International Knowledge-Based Company has started its activities with the aim of serving the medical community and creating jobs and entrepreneurship in the field of production, import and export of health equipment (especially in the fields of medicine, dermatology and beauty).

From the beginning, we tried to use this experience by using the experience of experienced people in the field of modern day management, as well as a young team of medical, laser, electrical, physics and electronics engineers to complete the company’s staff and provide the best services to respected doctors and their satisfaction. Also, the peace of mind of these loved ones in the field of necessary support for after-sales service and technology transfer and knowledge of the devices used by them with the help of trained engineers of this company by professors and experts of the country and also in partner companies in this group in Let’s go abroad.
Using the power of its technical engineering complex as well as its research and development unit, this company has produced medical equipment in the field of skin and beauty and succeeded in obtaining the necessary licenses from the National Standards Organization and the General Directorate of Medical Equipment of the Food and Drug Administration of the Ministry of Health. Has been.
The main field of activity of the company is mostly the production of medical lasers and so far it has succeeded in producing medical devices in the field of skin, hair and beauty. Among the main and prominent features of this company can be the production of the first three-wave diode laser device in the country, performing after-sales service in the shortest time and with the best quality with the most up-to-date and advanced equipment for measurement, testing and troubleshooting by technical experts. Experts mentioned the timely supply of parts and guarantee of technical services, holding continuous training courses in technical and clinical fields with a strong training staff, and standardization and securing of medical laser use environments. The company has also successfully overcome all national legal requirements in this regard, which can be mentioned as follows.


  •  Obtain a license from the Food and Drug Administration’s General Office for Monitoring and Evaluation of Medical Equipment and Supplies
  • Obtaining the exploitation license of advanced industries from the Ministry of Mining Industry and Trade
  • Obtaining effective clinical reports from medical universities
  • Obtaining the report of the evaluation test and compliance with international standards in the laboratories of the National Organization for Standardization